Rankings/Charts Information

When you visit top.qidian.com, on the left side menu, you will find the available rankings/charts there (We are also going to change the term “Rankings” to “Chart”). They are as follow:

小说排行榜 – Novel Charts
These are the charts listing novels that are most popular, getting the most clicks, most recommended etc. The several types of charts listed under this are:

原创文学风云榜 – Most Popular Novels Chart
Previously, we named it the Trending Rankings. However, after looking more into it, the correct translation should not be trending but popular. Hence, we will change the name of this ranking/chart to “Most Popular Novels”. The rankings for this chart are based on votes that the novels get. In other words, this can also be called a most voted novels chart.

会员点击榜 – Members Clicks Chart
This chart lists the novels that get most clicks by registered members (There are basically 3 types of readers at Qidian.com. Normal readers, who doesn’t register. Registered members are readers that register at Qidian.com, and VIP members. Registration at Qidian.com is free, however, VIP members are registered members that spend money to purchase Qidian points.)

书友点击榜 – All Readers Clicks Chart
This chart lists the novels that get the most clicks by all readers (unregistered, registered, and VIP members as well).

书友推荐榜 – Recommendation Chart
This is a chart that lists the novels that get the most recommendation.

书友收藏榜 – Collection Chart
Registered members can choose to “collect” a novel that they like. We haven’t looked too much into this, so we’re unsure of what it really means. However, there’s quite a very detailed tutorial about registering on Qidian at GravityTales.com. You can check it out and they have quite explained it in details, so maybe you can then get a better idea about what this “collection” are. Perhaps it’s something like a “Reading List” like those at NovelUpdates or other novel directory sites.

VIP更新榜 – VIP Expectation Chart
From the name, it’s a chart listing novels that are most expected by VIP members. Although, we are not sure how this is determined by Qidian.

VIP收藏榜 – VIP Collection Chart
Same as Collection Chart, but these are novels collected only by VIP members.

VIP精品评价榜 – VIP Comment Chart
This are for the most commented novels by VIP members, and only have a weekly listing.

VIP精品打赏榜 – VIP Tips Chart
A chart listing novels that get most tipped by VIP members (you can’t give tips to author without being a VIP since you’re tipping with Qidian points, which you have to buy).

总字数榜 – Charts for novels with most characters (not listed on NovelRankings.com)

作品盟主榜 – Not quite sure either of the correct translation (also not listed here)

作者排行榜 – Author Charts
These are charts for new novels by various authors type (there are four types of authors at Qidian: contracted authors (old and new), and public authors (also old and new). Qidian has a specific rule to clasify the authors based on their number of works etc). We will not publish these charts here on NovelRankings.com. But for information purpose, these are the charts under this category:

签约作者新书榜 – New novels of contracted authors
新人作者签约新书榜 – New novels of new contracted authors
公众作者新书榜 – New novels of public authors
新人作者新书榜 – New novels of new public authors
作家精彩空间 – Not quite sure of the correct translation for this.

社区榜单 – Community Charts
Listed on the charts here are mainly the ranks for the members who tipped the most, commented the most etc (so it’s a ranking for the members not novels). We will also not publish these charts on NovelRankings.com

女生网小说排行榜 – Novels Charts by Female Authors
It turns out that in China, there’s still a discrimination between male and female. Somehow, the females are looked down and their works are also considered “lower” in quality. So, the novels listed on Qidian.com are all novels written by male authors, and QDMM is the child site of Qidian that list the works of female authors. There are still other charts listed on QDMM, however, there are only 4 that are listed at top.qidian.com (maybe these are the charts that are considered the most interesting ones by the readers).

女生周点榜 – Click Chart
Quite the same with the Click chart for Qidian.com novels. This is a chart for most clicked novels.

女生周推榜 – Recommendation Chart
Also the same. A chart for novels with most recommendations.

女生PK榜 – PK Chart
Well, this one sounds interesting, although we aren’t quite sure about the details of this chart. It’s somehow about competition for the novels. We will look further into this.

女生原创风云榜 – Most Popular Novels Chart
Also the same like that for Qidian’s novels. The name says it all, the most popular novels on QDMM.

其他小说排行榜 – Other Novels Charts
These are the charts for other types of novels, such as fan fictions, or novels based on certain mangas/animes. However, looking at the charts, these novels are quite low in popularity, so we will also not publish these charts here.

To sum it up, we will only publish some of the charts from the “Novels Chart” section (Most Popular Novel, Members Click, All Readers Click, Recommendation, Collection, and we will add the VIP Collection also). As for the charts for QDMM, we will separate it from the Qidian category and it will have its own section here at NovelRankings.com.

Charts available weekly: Members Click, All Readers Click, Recommendation

Charts available monthly: Those available weekly, plus the Most Popular Novels

All Time data for the charts are available for all types of charts and published monthly, except for the Most Popular Novels. Only monthly data for the Most Popular Novel chart is available at Qidian, however, since past data for this chart are available there, we will compile various time period based on this data (such as Yearly charts).