New Qidian Weekly Rankings – Week 4 and 5 – May 2016

Ok, I have finally managed to get the automation for the weekly charts done. So, from now on, the weekly chart will be created and posted automatically on Sunday at 23:30 (UTC+7).

At least, for now, I don’t have this thing in my mind anymore. However, I still need to work on the monthly and all time charts. But since I already find the solution to automate the weekly charts, the monthly charts shouldn’t pose a problem (well, at least, I think so).

Before I’m working on the monthly charts, I want to work on the novel database first. I’m sure that many of you noticed that many covers picture don’t show up yet, and also many title translation haven’t been updated yet. Currently, I’m still doing it manually, so I’m going to also automate it.

In the meantime, there will be several new special charts coming. These charts will be announced by Deathblade through his post at WW.

As always, please still bear with me for all the mistakes and flaws. Everything will be corrected in time. And please notify me in the comments if you spot anything wrong. Thanks.

Qidian Weekly Members Click Rankings: Week 4 – Week 5

Qidian Weekly All Readers Click Rankings: Week 4 – Week 5

Qidian Weekly Recommendation Rankings: Week 4 – Week 5

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  1. I checked it and it did result in page not found. I haven’t figured out why it happens. Logically, it shouldn’t. I’ll try to look into it more thoroughly. Thanks for the info.

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