New Qidian Weekly Rankings – Week 3 – April 2016

I’m trying to get a new feature available where you can get more details when you click on the novel titles, thus the late release. But despite the late release, I still haven’t managed to get the new feature working, and I will still need a few days to get it work. You might see it in the next week charts release.

However, I didn’t mess up anymore with the scripts to collect the data, and neither should it be in the future, so the ranking changes will be more accurately shown, instead of the NIL.

So, here are the new weekly charts.

Qidian Weekly Members Click Rankings

Qidian Weekly All Readers Click Rankings

Qidian Weekly Recommendation Rankings

P.S. To avoid confusion, week 3 is the period from 11 – 17 April. Weekly charts release during mid-week is always referring to the charts from the previous week.

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