Hello fellow translator, translator-wannabe, novel lovers and readers, and everyone else.

Lingson and Deathblade are happy to announce to the world that this joint project is finally ready for you. Please browse the charts and other pages as this might be your first time visiting this site.

Although there aren’t too many features on this site yet, but we strive to perfect it more and more. Whether you want to look for ideas of novels to translate, or novels to read, we will try to fulfill all your needs. So sit back and enjoy the charts. You might as well subscribe to this site to ensure that you will always be inform when the latest chart is out.

A small note: we will start post the weekly charts starting on Monday (April 4th, 2016). Meanwhile, all the other charts are already available, except for the Monthly Recommendation Ranking, which will come a bit late.

So, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Is it just me or is this Galactic Dark Net? You’re making an index about Chinese novels aka crack aka DRUGS! for public viewing and are making the full report available for a small charge and even take donations….. Plus both of you have esper powers. The Rank S power Turbo Translation, it allows you to translate novels and anybody who reads the translations will become addicted to and dependent on the novels, the only reason it isn’t ranked SSS is due to the amount of time and mental power it takes and the inevitable negative comments .

  2. I have become an addict!
    so my message to you innocent lambs is that do NOT take this ecstasy. it will own your soul and deprive you of peace. Titanic cliffhanger will destroy your mind and soul, no matter your cultivation level. many dao seekers have fallen treading these chaotic oceans. immortals tremble in their hideouts, even celestials dare not try their luck. you have been warned!

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